A Simple Way to Monetize Newspapers and Blogs

Micropayment Aggregator for Media Companies

The NewsCoin offers a simple way to monetize content online, with No subscriptions and No ads.

News Articles

We are developing new ways to sell news articles online.

Intellectual Property

We developed patented technology that enables microtransactions at extremely low transaction cost. Think 1 cent or less.


We will provide user authentication to access any URL without user interaction.

Business Models

We will provide a transaction system that will enable new business models with a global reach.

Our Team

We are a team with experience in Business and Engineering.

Content Providers

The NewsCoin can be used to monetize the following:


  • Daily Issues
  • Individual Articles
  • Research and Studies


  • Individual Posts
  • Pictures, Songs, and Videos
  • Downloadable Files


  • Industry Reports
  • White Papers
  • Any Material Behind an URL

Contact Us

Follow up The NewsCoin and we will keep you posted on our progress.

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